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My analyst told me that I’ve got Multiple personality disorder.

I replied “Don’t be ridiculous. I haven’t got Multiple personality disorder – And neither have i.”

I love this JOKE for what it is: a Joke, but only from the audience perspective and madness from the patient point of view. The reality is that we are all patients looking forward to admitting our madness and get some help to recover our true selves in order to speak for our only selves.



Putting together both the definition from OXFORD DICTIONARY of SIMPLIFY and EXPRESSION, sounds like : make it simpler or easier to understand the action of making known one’s thoughts or feeling, In other words, Simplify your Expression.



Simplify Your Expression - Be Yourself 1Are we not in a century of freedom of speech and thought? Yet whenever I can hear somebody speaking, all I hear is a given idea or rather a word by word repetition of an article from the most popular magazine, relayed over and over by other famous magazine. And that is how people end up hating Poland or loving Paris but they have never been there, some hate mango but have never eaten one.

So how about simplifying things you don’t personally know by things you don’t personally know so that it remains only YOU, so that your ExPression speaks for you and you only.



The easiest way… there is nothing such as “an easy way” when it comes down to rediscover oneself. It can take one day to one life according to each and every single person.

The most important is to enjoy the journey with all that it implies.

However, I will be sharing with you with Solutions, Advice, Training, Tricks, Ideas, Tools, everything that have helped or help me with anything in my life, all in details. As we are talking about it, here are few tricks that helps me keep it real with myself:

1. A great starting point to simplify your expression so that you can be and express your true self is stop reading all those magazines about how to be an alpha male like Daniel Craig or how to be sexy as George Clooney. I just want to ask you when are you going to be an alpha male and sexy as YOURSELF.

2. Stop reading news, especially negative one. If something is to happen, it will happen anyway. News will only make you live and express fear, anxiety, stress, fake happiness. Few reasons why I’m not reading news:

3. Find 10 minutes every day and start listening to myself in a total silence, write down as quick as you can all your thoughts as you are listening to your mind. You will be surprised how much you ignore about yourself.

4. Go out and try things by yourself for yourself, food, drink, music, clothing etc… stop speaking or dressing to fit in a social gap.

5. Gather with people who think like you. Hear me out, gather not with people who dress and like the same food as you but with people who think that you have the right as a white American, french, Swedish, Japanese or polish, to dress like a nomadic Arabic and eat with your bare hands while they are dressed in suits and eat with forks.



Simplify your expression is to become your true self, and once you become your true self your expression is automatically simplified.

You won’t have to speak to please anybody, you will speak your mind and people will like or leave it.

You will need NO LABEL, indeed you are already, proudly wearing yourself.

And before you can even realize it, you will start attracting to you people who think like you and trust me, what so ever you do, there are at least one thousand people doing the same and there is nothing more encouraging and empowering than gathering together with them to share what makes you unique and reciprocally.



Traveling back to your true self will surely be challenging, you will have to face misunderstanding because you will be different and people tend to fear what is different.

Just remember to keep it natural and make a step at a time, it’s a journey of discovery of yourself not a race against anything or anyone.




Simplify Your Expression - Be Yourself 2Whatever you are going through, somebody somewhere is going through or has been through the same already.

Whatever you need or is willing to accomplish, somebody somewhere is willing to accomplish the same and someone has probably already accomplished it. Therefore, you can learn from that person.

This is why you want to consider being part of an active community where people share the same goal.

I am still discovering myself, and this website is to keep a track on my ups and downs, victories and failures, but most importantly to share my resources and thoughts with whoever is willing to receive.

We all think, but how many of us are owner of their thought? My opinion in the next article.




Because Together Is Stronger

6 Replies to “Simplify Your Expression – Be Yourself”

  1. Joe Handigr says:

    I would really like to cut off from something myself, I won’t way what. But I don’t think I could do it, I find myself wanting more. I don’t know if I could go thirty days without it.

    I can second the facts about the news, I wasn’t much for it but someone I knew was. And they always seemed to not be able to be completely happy, as in focused or motivated in what they do. They still laughed and smiled, but they weren’t “complete”.

    I’d like to give this a try but I don’t know how to start. How do I avoid the first “jellybean”?What insight could you give me to try to get started.

    1. BIOVA says:

      HelloJoe, I hope you are doing good. First let me thank you for your question. I will soon have a post about how to avoid reading bad news. In the meanwhile I would like you to think about this : Has the world got better, have the crimes, violences and natural catastrophes decreased because of people watching bad news?

      Surely not.

      Worst, we started living in fear. We fear our neighbors having a beard, we have developed tolerance to other people sufferings and we called our inactions fate. We don’t speak our humanity and thoughts anymore, we express the fear and anxiety and sadness installed in us through news. So think about this and tell me if you still want to check the news? 

      Thank you for your comment and stay tuned for my next post. I will share with you everything you need that has help me to speak for myself not fearing to be socially excluded.

  2. Lars says:

    I hear you. In a society where valuables are more important than values it is difficult to find a crowd who really….like in REALLY…want to listen. “Be yourself becuuse nobody else can do it as well as you” doesn’t apply anymore. Sadly.

    I am trying hard to be me but I often find myself trying to fit in. It is a very difficult balance to maintain.

    Did I misunderstood the topic?

    1. BIOVA says:

      Hello, I hope you are doing fine. No you haven’t misunderstood the post. It’s really hard to break a Reality we have been living in for our whole life in just one or two month, especially because we are surrounded by people who keep reminding us not to change that reality because they will not follow, because they feel comfortable that way. 

      Now imagine you have a bad nutrition habit and you don’t feel comfortable with your body, what do you do? You don’t burn the supermarket for selling chocolate and sweet, you don’t burn MAC Donald for selling fast food. As hard as it is You work on yourself, you go to the gym and the gym is painful but it’s the price to pay to look at yourself and feel good for yourself first and once you are happy, people will notice, your originality will be a reference, then they will decide to accept you or reject you. In both cases you will be sure at least to be only with people who love you for what you are and not what you show. Simplify your expression means be one with your words. Thank you for your review. Replying to you I have learn something new.

  3. Kat says:

    Well said! Be your own person without regard or comparison to others. Be true to yourself, and listen to that inner world by connecting with it in a non judgemental way without negativity, just simply being. Thank for such a real, and helpful post for others to work through their fixation on trying to be the best anyone else but themselves! It’s taken me many years to let go of worrying about what others think, so your post is definitely a great piece of reminder for those who might be struggling with being their own person. I’m sure this post will also help others grown their resilience and responses to outside forces and practice not reacting to things that happen, but become more mindful, present and themselves. 

    1. BIOVA says:

      Hello, I hope you are doing fine. Thank you for your comment, it’s really encouraging. Many people think that they need big diploma or education to be themselves. We don’t exist as a single great human being anymore but as a social item. Thank you once again and have a lovely day


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