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Your opinion is very important to me. Please stay on the line until you hear the beep for voicemail.

Really great joke from Thoughtcatalog.

Always start your day with a smile.

Welcome to the house of mother EXPRESSION. Here we give life back to FREE SPEECH, freedom of expression. If you cannot stand me, him or her having a different opinion, the browser is open.

To you who will be expressing your Thoughts in the comment session, if you cannot do it with respect, please do not leave any comment as it will not be approved.

Freedom Of Speech Is Freedom Of Listening

Can anyone explain me how in 2019 there are more followers than original people with their own taste and opinion about a specific topic?

Can someone explain me why in 2019, anyone should dress to look ridiculous just to please others or just to fit in the fashion trend?

Can someone explain me why is it wrong or right to be FEMINIST in 2019?

I just cannot understand why someone would be interested in someone else thinking or theory just to feel bad about it as if life with everything what it comes up with as problem is not enough.

And so, some people caught themselves suffering from being judged for an ideology they have never consciously chosen to be part of.

If I have the right to SPEAK, you have the right TO NOT LISTEN - Your Free Speech Expessions Catalog 1.

But if you choose to listen, you have the right to speak your mind and I have no right to condemn you for doing so, for the simple reason that speaking my mind is acknowledge that somebody may feel offended and therefor respond.

Just keep in mind that the choice to listen is all yours.

Free Speech & Moral

Talking Is Thinking. Even if we don’t mean everything we say, we have to think it first.

Now the way you think about something, does not change the nature of that thing but only the way you are going to interact with it. For example, a gun will not become a helmet because you think about it as an object to protect yourself. And same goes for Moral.

I don’t care your why, what and how as long as it allows you to live a truly peaceful life. Because your reason do not change anything to the fact that what is fundamentally wrong is wrong and what is right, is right. - Your Free Speech Expessions Catalog 2

And I believe you don’t need Jordan Peterson to figure out that no matter what is the reason why you kill somebody, the act of killing is not a good thing. The reason why you kill will only determine if yes or not, you should be punished. But it does not change the nature of the act of killing as a bad thing.

Just because the circumstances justify the use of violence, does not make and will never make Violence a good thing no matter how you dress it.

Hopefully you will find here at, enough contents to educate yourself about Moral.

Expression Is About You In All Your Aspect - Your Free Speech Expessions Catalog 3

Usually, whenever we hear expression, we tend to automatically think about words, vocally articulated thoughts.

Let’s check together the definition of Expression. According to Oxford dictionary, Expression is the action of making known one’s thoughts or feeling.

In other words, Expression is the externalization of your thoughts.

Means you can express yourself in as many ways as you can be creative through clothing, dance, gymnastic, cooking, business…

Here at, we acknowledge that and want to help you express yourself your way by providing tools in at many level as possible, clothing, fitness gear and program, self-improvement tools, cuisine, motivational and eyes opener articles, real people life experience as education (learn from their story) and lot more to come.

Because Everybody But No One own It - Your Free Speech Expessions Catalog 4

Keep in mind that there is nothing such as a universal truth.

There are only parcels of truth and this is exactly why it’s important to share our experiences but more important is that you think for yourself and not take anything from anywhere as absolute truth but only as information, useful or useless depends on what you and your need.

Because what works for me, may not work for you and vice versa.

For that reason, we are counting on you to be proactive in helping us to bring the best contents and advice about every possible topics by commenting.

We will be adding more categories and sub categories to in order to be like Tracy said All Included.

If you don’t know who is the amazing TRACY, check this video of her out.

Nobody Left Behind by Tracy Schmitt

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Expression As Lifestyle

Lifestyle according to Wikipedia is the interests, opinion, behaviors, and behavioral orientation of an individual, group or culture.

The psychologist Alfred Adler was the one to introduce the term lifestyle as the basic character of a person as established from the very young age.

The definition and conception of lifestyle has since then evolve to be nowadays the behaviors of a consumer before the consumption market. - Your Free Speech Expessions Catalog 5

This behavior is itself a form of expression and this is why here at we have decided to devote a page to that category.

Now remember, our goal is not to tell you what to do or how to do it, our goal is simply to inform you, the final decision is YOURS.

Express Thankfulness

I am what I am because of nobody but ME & MY PARENTS. I’m getting better thanks to you though. Indeed, every article requires time and researches. And doing so, I’m educating myself. My English is getting better (I’m not a native English speaker), my knowledge bigger and my self-confidence is growing as I’m reminding myself my value and exposing it to judgment.

I’m expecting critics and disagreement, maybe some of them will change my point of view or at least make me consider things I didn’t. - Your Free Speech Expessions Catalog 6

And because of that I thank you, for taking your time to read this article.

Your comments are REQUIRED. Start making the difference now, SPEAK YOUR MIND, free yourself. Here is the place to do that.




Because Together Is Stronger


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