Know Your Worth!


I love the following Joke from for what it is:

Interviewer: What’s your biggest weakness?

Me: I don’t know when to quit.

Interviewer: You’re hired.

Me: I quit.

It tells it all about KNOWING YOUR WORTH and not allowing anyone to use you. Even if it sounds really simple, do we really understand what it means to know one’s WORTH and do you know yours?

By the end of this article, not only you will be able to answer for yourself as only can know what you really worth, but you will have a lead on how to track and grow your WORTH.


Word By Word Know Your Worth! 1

Let’s together have a look at the definition of both the words “TO KNOW” and “WORTH” in the dictionary.

According to Oxford TO KNOW means “”To Be aware of” through observation, inquiry, or information” and WORTH means “Equivalent in VALUE to the sum or item specified.”

Alone, the definition from dictionary of both the words KNOW and WORTH, make it pretty clear but does not say it all.

Putting together both definition from the dictionary, KNOW YOUR WORTH means Be aware through inquiry, observation or information, of your equivalent in VALUE to the sum or item specified.

I will totally agree with you that this definition sweet more items than people so let apply it to us.


Know Your Worth Sound Only Positive But…

Know Your Worth! 2The sentence “KNOW YOUR WORTH” for many sounds only positive, something you can even brag around about.

Is it really so? Well in my opinion it will always be only POSITIVE to know what you really WORTH.

But to properly answer this question, let’s together go through some pros and cons(if worthy to be qualified as such) in the most realistic way possible,with a real life example.

At the end, I want you to form your own opinion.

Indeed, it’s really easy to over or under estimate yourself. In both case the end result will be the same, you will not be paid for what you really worth, you will be or the CHEATER or the CHEATED.


How Does It Benefit You To Know Your Value or Your Worth?

In many undeniable way. KNOWING YOUR VALUE will change the way you self valuate and see yourself but not only you.

It will consequently affect how others see you and price your skills even if they will never pay you for what you really worth.

And this is why you want to know what you truly WORTH so that you can defend your price or position.

Knowing Your Worth put you in position of negotiation as a reward.Know Your Worth! 3

People, companies and businesses usually make an offer base on WHAT THEY THINK YOU WORTH and therefore set a limit accordingly.

But Their limit does not have to be yours, indeed it must not be yours. If you know your VALUE, you are entitled to make a justified counteroffer and most of the time get what you want.

I will go further and say you are the one making the offer base on your WORTH.

Another benefit Knowing Yourself, knowing what you are capable of and not, is that it avoids you to compromise as a loser. You know exactly what to improve and you ask the right help, you are accurate socializing.

Check This Ted Speech Video out, it probably will tell you something I may have missed or forget to mention.


How Can “Knowing Your Value”, Not Benefit You

KNOW YOUR WORTH does not mean only to know what you are CAPABLE OF but also what you are NOT CAPABLE OF. And that’s where it can be Painful, not to say harmful for the less humble of us.

Let’s examine together a real life situation.

Few weeks ago, I have received a really great job offer from a marketing company after I have checked on line what it takes to work as a marketer.

The offer was really great, the money was there, the perfect schedule as I was meant to work on my own schedule as long as I work 8 hours a day plus some other benefits like insurance, health care and other things.

As the offer was great, I took the time to go through the whole announcement searching for the required skills and knowledge. I was not QUALIFIED for that post(PERIOD).

Know Your Worth! 4

I know what I’m capable of and the requirements for this job is just CURRENTLY beyond my capacity. Not only I felt sorry for myself but it hurts a bit as well.

How I wish I was qualified for that job, how I wish they were willing to teach us how to do the job like in some company because I am willing to learn and God know I am a fast learner.

But now, I know what it takes to access such job and even writing this article, I’m bracing myself to be qualified for such Job offer in the future(if I’m not earning enough money yet to avoid working for somebody else).

Now let consider a different reaction to this situation. Some people at my place will like the said goes FAKE IT UNTIL THEY MAKE IT.

But I can ensure you with 99.5% of certainty that they will fail and so, burn the bridge for ever and eventually put shame on themselves.


How else can Knowing Yourself and your Worth be “negative”?

See my brothers and sisters, we live in a century where every body claim to be open and tolerant, yet most of them don’t even know why and what they are talking about.

And since you are the one standing for YOURSELF not compromising about your VALUE, you will not be appreciated everywhere, some will see you as disrespectful, some as too proud.

In reality you will not be appreciatedKnow Your Worth! 5 in most of the places because you are different, but let me tell you that this is how you know that you are doing good and only those knowing their worth will surround you.

With that said, I will let to each of you the appreciation of all the “cons” as Good or bad.


How Do I Know What My Worth?

To this question, I wish I could give you a “1+1=2” answer.

Unfortunately there are no formulas that will help you if not the one already given in the definition: INQUIRY, INFORMATION and OBSERVATION of Yourself.

Let me tell you that KWOWING YOUR WORTH is a Lifetime Process not a fixed destination.

A Lifetime Process because EVERYDAY We learn something new, We go trough life experience, we FAIL, we WIN, we CHANGE, we GROW and till we die, we keep changing and so does our Worth.

Well I guess you are waiting for a trick?! It’s your lucky day, I have one for you.

Read, Do you know what is the purpose of a CV?

Know Your Worth! 6

The answer is the title of this article: KNOW YOUR WORTH. The purpose of a CV is for an employer to know your worth.

And the reason why you keep your CV updated  as you go with new experiences or skills, is because you don’t wanna be under-evaluated and my trick for you is to apply the same in your life by doing the following:

1 – What you wanna do, is to write down every single thing you consider to be a VALUE. Next write down your QUALITIES and DEFAULTS. At this point just focus, no need to care about the mess as we gonna tidy up next.

2 – Now you have your VALUES, QUALITIES AND DEFAULTS all listed. Next you want to categorize them by Value, Qualities and Default and sort them by priority or importance somewhere where you can easily access them to review or modify.

The tool you use for that is up to you but I will recommend you to use something that allow you keep a track on your Worth as the goal of this “CV” is to know your strength and weakness so that you can improve or change.

I personally use MINDLY. Know Your Worth! 7The free version should be enough for this exercise.

3 -Get familiar with the list. Getting familiar with your VALUE, QUALITIES and DEFAULTS, in one word your WORTH, will help you to easily spot people or places where you will be the most accepted for what you truly WORTH.

You can ask a friend or your partner to do the same list and then compare with them.

This will help understand your DIFFERENCES, what matters the most for you is not necessarily what matters for others and it’s better for you to know what matters for others in order to build a strong bond with them, especially if they share part of your life.


Thank You

My former mentor used to say Knowledge is one the few things that multiply as you share it, So let me thank you for taking your time to read but don’t stop here, share it to multiply it. Know Your Worth! 8

Also, feel free to take this TEST to know a bit more about your “WORTH“.

Even though I found it quite accurate, whatever is your result I want you to keep in mind that the test is designed to serve the whole world and therefore does not take in account things like your life experience or some small specific things that make you a unique person.

So take your time to analyze the result before applying the given advice.

At the end of the day, you are the one in charge of your life so think twice before you decide.

Keep also in mind that sometimes, to KNOW YOUR WORTH means to accept being treated equally no matter what is your social status indeed if Knowing Your Worth does not make you a humble person, you still don’t KNOW YOUR WORTH.

The comment session is all yours and the site name is Expression so please let me hear your though about this topic.

Thank you in advance.






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