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Me – how about the gym

My colleague – Oh it’s all good. I’m going every morning and the most amazing is that after I’m back home, I take a shower and a nape. And after I wake up at 8 I have no pain no fatigue as if I wasn’t even there.

Me – At what time is your first alarm?

My colleague – At 8.

That’s how I used to go to the gym and write article, that’s basically how I used to work on anything I wanted to do. But no more…

You wanna know how I keep my mind motivation about changing myself to be a better version every day… Then you got served.


Never Without Definition

Did you know the definition of Mind and Motivation from the dictionary?

Well according to Oxford dictionary Mind is The element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel.

Motivation is defined as a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.

Just the definition of those words motivate me but at the same time makes wonder why do we so easily lose awareness of the reason why we want to do or accomplish something? Simple, it’s because:

1. The Reason Is Not Strong Enough

Keep Your Mind Motivation 1If you have a kid, my example will surely make more sense to you. As a father of a little girl, I’m the most organized and consistent man when it comes to be there for my daughter, never missing or forgetting anything, from the snack to the bunny, to the reindeer hairband (Christmas time).

But when it comes to myself, I barely remember to take my BREATH.

Another example more general. Let say you have been unemployed for a while and it’s more than time to get a job, you’ve run out of money.

And thanks God or Allah or the nature(according to your faith), you receive a call for an exam with a small interview for a well-paid home based job and there is only 15 opened positions for over 40 candidates.

You have two weeks to get ready. Tell me, would you really need this post to stay motivated?

2. It’s Still Not A Habit :

Stay motivated is also about HABIT, and this is where educate your mind is the most important and crucial.

Sometimes even a strong kick of life is not enough, not without the habit of doing over and over again. The reason why is very simple.


Our Mind Is Conscious And Subconscious

Keep Your Mind Motivation 2The subconscious is where all mastered abilities that become a habit or almost an instinct are stored.

Let consider few examples. When you ride a bicycle or drive a car, the few things you care about are people on your way and traffic light and signs but you do not think anymore about the balance or how to change the speed.

Same when you are hand writing, you don’t think anymore about how to form the letters like a 5 years old kid would because handwriting henceforth has become a habit for you.

In both the example, what happens is that the ability or the action of doing something has been repeated and mastered at a point that the conscious mind was not required anymore for the action to be performed.

And so your conscious mind transfer the acquired habit to the unconscious mind allowing you to learn and master new abilities such as keeping positive attitude in each and every single life situation. You want to know how to?

Here are few tips I have come up with that work for me so far.┬áIndeed, it’s 04:24 a.m. and I will not go to bed before I publish this article.

The following advice can be applied to anyone no matter your age, sex, profession or goals.


– If You Don’t Know Where You Are Heading

As the saying goes in my country “if you don’t know where are going, keep in mind where you come from“.

This is exactly what you want to do no matter what you are doing. If you cannot picture your future clearly and work to achieve it, keep a photo of where you come or start from with a relevant and encouraging message on the back to remind yourself that no matter where you are going it must be better than where you come from.

This does not me to disown your origin. Absolutely not. Your origin is part of who you are and a reference for who want to become, it is part of your identity.


– Be Your Own Source Of Motivation

Keep Your Mind Motivation 3

After reading this article, I want you to take one hour and try to write down your failures and your successes, don’t bother about the order.

Next put all your failure together and in front of each failure write

NO MORE” and right below the list of all your failures, write down the lessons you have learned from them.

Do the same for your successes but this time in front of each success, choose the most powerful word for you that describe your feeling and write it in front of each success.

Now below the set of your success, write down a sentence that is the most inspiring for you.

Personally my best quote is By Hard Time, Only the Hard One Survive. A very good friend and mentor of mine send me this sentence, and since then I always think about it when things seem to be falling apart around me.

Now make a clean copy of your failures and successes with the corresponding notes as done above with the most powerful motivational quote you have chosen and frame it as a painting. Keep it on sight as a motivational Reminder.


– Make a better use of your phone

Keep Your Mind Motivation 4Phones are awesome powerful tool when we are the one using them and not them using us.

In fact with many application sending notification, you have no excuse to run out of your morning motivational quote coffee.

Set an alarm for the time of the day you need to work on your dream and rename its description to be your favorite motivational quote.




– You Are Not Alone

Nowadays thanks to internet you can Connect With People in about almost all topics especially motivation.

Wait no more. Connect with people, hear about their life, learn from their failure, Get inspired by their come-back, make friends.

There are a lot of people like you outta there, waiting to connect and got inspired by the best of you. Give yourself a chance.


Thank You

Keep Your Mind Motivation 5For your time, I would like to THANK YOU from the deepest of my heart. You are the reason why I want to be better, because I want you to one day meet my daughter and inspire her to be better.

Let create a Positive vicious chain.

Listen and look into yourself, the strength you need to make a change is within you, don’t let yourself down.

Let me know in the comment section how I can serve better, what you like or dislike.

Share your opinion with those who will read this post after you, your comment may become someone’s best motivational quote.




Because Together Is Stronger

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