Where Is My Wealthy Affiliate Login – Already 2019 And Nothing

Behind every successful student, there is a deactivated Facebook account.

I like this joke, it applies in my opinion not only to student.

If you are looking for a shortcut or an easy way to reach Success, this article is not for you.

You need money, you need free time.

You want to become a Wealthy Affiliate marketer.

You have the Will but you don’t know where to start from.

You are young and want to become Financially independent.

You hate to have to sit eight hours in a raw looking at people you don’t like.

Where Is My Wealthy Affiliate Login - Already 2019 And Nothing 1


You would like to make a LIVING by sharing Advice, Tips and Secret about things you like, things you enjoy doing or things you are naturally good at, but you don’t know how or where to start from?

How about applying the 5 seconds rule, stop thinking and start online ¥ HERE FOR FREE ¥ .

No, it’s too easy.

It’s a SCAM.

No one around YOU seems to believe it’s possible to make money online doing what you like or what you are good at.

Therefore you feel totally lonely and confused.

Where Is My Wealthy Affiliate Login - Already 2019 And Nothing 2What if this was just another scam?

What if it wasn’t?

The reason I have decided to write this review, is to help you make your decision not about what you want to do but about where you want to  start.


Starting online, no doubt Scam is a hell of problem to deal with.

I’m pretty sure you have already heard about affiliate program such Amazon Associates and many others in the market and how people build a passive income base on that.

You might be thinking, this is not for me, Create a website is so difficult, so WOW!

How do I even become an Amazon Affiliate Marketer? Where Is My Wealthy Affiliate Login - Already 2019 And Nothing 3

Well let me tell you that nowadays, there is nothing easier than creating a website.

I wish you to not believe me and go try it for yourself: Create A Website For Free Now and come back to testify in the comments section.

SiteRubix Login Page

If like me you have been wondering too much, consider yourself blessed as my experience will save you time and money by putting you in the best place possible to start a successful online business adventure.

And even before we start, let me reply already: NO, WEALTHY AFFILIATE is NOT on the online SCAM List and is NOT a SCAM

And if you still don’t believe, try it for yourself HERE.



What Is WA – Wealthy Affiliate


Where Is My Wealthy Affiliate Login - Already 2019 And Nothing 4
Wealthy Affiliate

Starting on-line for me have been a real struggle. Since I don’t have my own product to sell, I could only be an affiliate marketer.

If you don’t know it, an AFFILIATE MARKETER is an advertiser that get paid some percentage as COMMISION for selling somebody else product through his website or blog.

While it may sound easy, it’s really not.

Indeed, it requires a lot of work, Creativity, Passion, Devotion, Courage, Consistency, Perseverance, Resources, Money, name it.

This is what Wealthy Affiliate is.

Unlike the other platforms which promise or rather sell you the promise of SUCCESS without you doing the actual work or just the strict minimum, WA is a platform that focuses on all the aspect of the on-line business, from the technical to the human or motivational aspect through an amazing system based on the member of the WA community.

In order for you to understand better what is WA, let consider some of the most important aspect.



WA & The Practice


Joining WA, the first thing that surprises me, but which I also appreciated was how quick but smoothly they have put me in the mood of an on-line ENTREPRENEUR.

Indeed I had a website before I could even realize it, surprised?

Well let me tell you why in my opinion this is the BEST PRACTICE.

Where Is My Wealthy Affiliate Login - Already 2019 And Nothing 5


Take Yourself as example.

Since when have you been trying to build a website sitting in your armchair having no clue where to start from, but never moving a finger to do a How-To research?

The best way to accomplish something is by doing it, by thinking about it all you do is growing the reason not to do what you know must be done for a better life, a better future.

Hear me LOUD, you are given a website by joining WA . Where Is My Wealthy Affiliate Login - Already 2019 And Nothing 6

You are taught how to build and set up a Website to be visible on search engine as part of your training from the very first modules of the training.

The benefits of such training is for you to understand and create contents that take full advantage of the mechanism behind the scene (SEO).

What are you waiting for, give it a try, Create Your Website Here & Now



WA & The Trainings


Where Is My Wealthy Affiliate Login - Already 2019 And Nothing 7


No matter what you decide to do, it’s and will always end up with somebody buying something(goods or services).

In other words, the whole thing is about CUSTOMER. Customers are everything.

I’m not here to compare WA to another program in the same category, but after trying few of them, I can tell that WA really go deep in explanation when it comes to the CUSTOMER PURCHASE LIFECYCLE.

You are not taught what to say only, you are taught what to say, when to say it and how and why for the most positive impact on your customer.

But this is only one training between a hundred others. Indeed, one valuable thing about WA, is the amount of TRAINING we have access to for FREE.

Yes, you hear me! FOR FREE.

WA is a lot of Successful online ENTREPRENEURS sharing their knowledge, their SECRETS and TECHNIQUES for FREE through regular post or Live Training.

In few words, you are taught in WA what people pay thousands of Dollar to learn anywhere else.



WA & The Community


Where Is My Wealthy Affiliate Login - Already 2019 And Nothing 8


Personally the second thing I valuate in WA after the training, is the COMMUNITY.

I’m not talking about a bunch of rude and impolite people in need of attention or recognition as we can see on social media.

I’m talking about RESPECTFULL PEOPLE, sincerely driven by the WILL of helping each other succeed where other fails.

Since I joined WA, I cannot help to think that this is the BEST COMMUNITY I have ever came across on the INTERNET.

Try for yourself. I have not seen since I joined, one Unanswered Question.

There is always someone who has already been through the same issue as yours but that’s not the most Beautiful.

Where Is My Wealthy Affiliate Login - Already 2019 And Nothing 9The most Beautiful is when people actually go and find the solution for you for free, because they actually care for you. If this is not the most Beautiful place to be, then tell me what it is.

Yet that’s not all. Indeed, as part of the training you are invited to share as much as you can your EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, SUCCESS, FAILURE & LESSON, with the community in a Blog. Doing so, you are also practicing your WRITING SKILL.

And I personally have learned so much about the on-line business from the WA community that all I can say is a Big “THANK YOU“.



WA & Your Personal Improvement


Where Is My Wealthy Affiliate Login - Already 2019 And Nothing 10

The COMMUNITY in WA is the exact reflection of the founders vision and You get to know that pretty early at the beginning for your journey but not only.

After months and month in WA, I keep receiving mails from the founders, asking “HOW I AM DOING“.

At the third mail, I thought this might be an automatic mail so I have decided to reply, and guess what?


I received an answer the same day.

And it made me feel good.

WA is that one platform where you can experience the feeling of being part of a community which Founders are all about their DREAM first.

And if at any moment you start losing ENTHUSIASM, you can count on the community to help you stay strong and keep fighting as the best is yet to come.



WA & The Products – An Online Business


Wealthy Affiliate as the name says it, is before and after all a plateforme, a program which goal is to helps you build your Online Business focusing on the Affiliate Marketing.

This means, you don’t need an actual storage unless you have your own products to ship to your customers.

You are provided all the tools required for you to be successful in whatever you are planning to sell.

Moreover, the WA community share on daily basis via article or small posts, their success with TIPS and SECRET, in order to inspire and empower each other.

Build an Online business is about understanding The Customer Purchase Lifecycle and mindset in order to propose them what they need at a particular stage along the Purchasing Lifecycle.

Where Is My Wealthy Affiliate Login - Already 2019 And Nothing 11
Customer Purchasing Lifecycle Training Screenshot

And yes, you are also taught that in details during your training at Wealthy Affiliate.

From building and setting up your website, finding a niche, writing an article, ranking in Google, building an audience to monetize your contents, everything what you need to be the next successful history online is HERE at


WA & Built-In Help Tools


Where Is My Wealthy Affiliate Login - Already 2019 And Nothing 12


As you will be learning and progressing in WA, you will be able to assess your performance thank to the built-in tool which allows you to request comments and opinion of the community on your post.

So your very first audience are members of the WA community, which will not hesitate to politely tell you if there is anything to be adjusted before your post get indexed in Google.

There is another AMAZING SECRET TOOL for PREMIUM member, for YOU.

However, as I don’t want to spoil the PLEASUR of discovering such tool by yourself, il will keep it unrevealed.


Where Is My Wealthy Affiliate Login - Already 2019 And Nothing 13



Training & Yourself Are The Best Asset You Have At WA

Remember when at the beginning I said “it requires a lot of work, creativity, passion, devotion, courage, consistency, perseverance, resources, name it.”

Well this is all what WA is about.

Only you and your work will get you where you wanna be.

WA does not promise SUCCESS, it promises to give you all the TOOL you need to achieve SUCCESS.

The community at WA will help you, encourage you to work toward your goals, toward your dream, but at the end of the day, it’s all up to YOU.

WA is not an on-line shop or one this Life Changing Program which sell “HIGHT VALUE TICKET“, so don’t join WA if what you are looking for is to skip the work.



Best Alternative To WA


Where Is My Wealthy Affiliate Login - Already 2019 And Nothing 14


I have not been able so far to find a worthy alternative to WA. Coming from a long way, I just stick to WA as my EXPECTATIONS found SATISFACTION here.

From the price of Premium membership to the training, no other platform about on-line business has done better for me so far.

However, if you have a better one let me know in the comment so I can try it out.



Join Now


Where Is My Wealthy Affiliate Login - Already 2019 And Nothing 15


You may still be wondering if this is a sincere review? Why isn’t anything bad about WA in this post?

My answer to you is why should it be? Would you call a bee a fly and treat it as such just to satisfy your ego?

I like to consider myself Thomas and try things out before making a statement.

This article is for the less courageous between us, those who need testimonies.

With that said, wait no more, take action now and thank me later.

Start your online adventure in the best possible place on the Internet: WEALTHY AFFILIATE




Because Together Is Stronger


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