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This story will tell you everything what you need to know about FM World, its Spirit and its Purpose.



The Beginning

They both love luxury.

They have the same income.

They drive the same Mercedes.

They use the same perfume.

They have the same flat in two buildings one next to another.

They are both manager in a well-known local company.

Only one thing separate them: Their bank account…

This is the story of Two friends: Piotr and Robert (Rob)

Piotr and Robert (Rob) were born in 1989 in a wealthy neighbor hood.

They quickly became like brothers, playing together and attending the same school and almost date the same girl(long story short)…

Always there for each other but having they own characters and home education.

Cocky, proud and extrovert, Piotr complete just Perfectly Rob which is calm, reserved but not less confident.

Open minded, Rob like his father, was an adventurer, never afraid to try new things, always looking for a new opportunity.

Piotr unlike Rob, is a traditional personal. He loves the comfort zone of the already build fortune of his parents and is not intending to do anything aside until both their world collapse.


The Fall

Indeed, the last year of college was the worst for both Piotr and Rob.

A change in the government cause their parents to lose almost everything.

That’s when Rob has decided to go for a trip and discover the world.

Less adventurer, Piotr has decided to stay and help his parent rebuild their business and he got upset with Rob for not doing the same.

For Piotr, Robert’s decision was the most egoistic ever. He could not understand how Rob can turn his back to his parents by stating that his parents don’t need his help.


The Reunion

6 years 9 months and 17 days later, Rob returned to his childhood’s city more than proud to see Piotr has rebuilt his parents business.

Real friendship never die.

Time has passed and both Piotr and Rob has grown but their love for each other is still pure like a kid.

And so they have decided like back in the time, to move forward together.

As much as Piotr loves his comfort zone and his parents, it was time for him to move on.

Rob has found a job in a great company and invites Piotr to join him.

Like the old time, they have supported, pushed and helped each other over to the top.

Obviously they could not afford to not have their flat next to each other.


The Secret

As time goes, there is still one doubt, one question, one thing that Piotr cannot explain to himself: How could Rob abandon his parents in period of crisis? how do his parents manage to be doing so great after the crisis? Was Rob sending them money? If yes where was he getting all that money from?

Real friend has no secret to each other and so Piotr has no intention to live with his wonders.

One evening after work, he decided to go to Rob for a beer and clear those doubts off his mind.

But Rob barely open the door and said “hey I have a meeting, I will come to you later”.

Piotr acquiesce and left. But now he is even more suspicious and sure his dear friend is definitely hiding something.

“All those conferences, meetings after work, all those good-looking people, how the Shy Rob I knew happen to know so many people?” Piotr was wondering

Going from his old friend building to his, he noticed a car, a Mercedes. But the brand is not what caught his attention.

What caught his attention was the written on the car: FM World.

He has seen it somewhere before.

And “YES”.

He remembers. Rob has the same writing on his car.


The Doubt

“Is Rob in some kind of Mafia or Sect?”

He went back to his flat, impatient to hear what Rob has to say about all this mystery.

Thinking about it, he remembers that back at the time, few years before the crisis, Rob’s parents has started a side business.

Something with FM as well but nothing serious as they haven’t open any company or shop.

Moreover, he remembers one week prior this evening, he saw his friend bank statement and was surprise Rob never touches his salary.

Piotr was convinced: Rob is a dealer or in a sect, no doubt.


The Joke

One hour later, somebody was knocking at Piotr’s door. It was Rob, he was covered with Blood and has a suitcase in hand.

Piotr was scared to death and didn’t know what to do.

He took his phone and start calling the ambulance when Rob said: “This Strawberry syrup taste really good”.

It was a prank.

Rob could see his dear friend was wondering about his side activity so he decided to prank him.

After Piotr calmed down, he invited him to sit and ask him three questions.


The Truth

Do you pay for the product you use to clean your flat?

Do you pay for the perfumes you use?

Have you paid entirely your car with your own salary?

To all three questions, Piotr astonished, has responded YES.

Astonished because his life is no secret to Rob.

Rob then looked at Piotr and ask him: what if I told you can get paid for using similar if not better product?

You don’t believe me right? Asked Rob

Of course I don’t believe you! Respond Piotr

Rob continues: Well, now you know why I didn’t tell you anything before.

But if you ever mature enough to stop thinking like everybody and want to become the next Rob,

Open this Box

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