Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion


It’s almost time to put away the Jackets, the coats, hats, scarves and gloves but also the warm underwear, the union suits and socks. It’s Time for Spring-Summer Fashion.

You got, it’s time to bury winter, . As things come, things go. It’s time to embrace a new Fashion, or to bring back the old one.

Many of us are thinking about a New Style, a new-look. Some are still discovering themselves, trying new things but some already know themselves and therefore will stick to what fit them the best as it feels comfortable.

Yet even knowing themselves, some like myself, who hate the Comfort Zone as it doesn’t teach you anything new, will go for something different, challenging, colorful as the Spring.


If you are not familiar with clothing featuring weather fashion, then you are probably wondering What is the best Spring Summer Fashion to adopt?Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 1

Even if you are familiar with the clothing world, there might be something new for you to learn.

If you are a trendy person, and love to align with the latest fashion’s gears and clothes, we might have something for you as well.

Now let together dig into the Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion.


Few Things To Know About Spring

Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 2

Spring may be called differently according to your culture and location.

And because it’s all about location, It’s hard to say when exactly starts Spring.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring start between 19 and 21st March till around 21 June (Beginning of Summer). While in the Southern Hemisphere, Spring start in August and finish in November.

So Spring in the Northern Hemisphere is Autumn in the Southern one.

This year, the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere will be Wednesday, March 20th till June 21st.

Spring like Summer, is also characterized by the days that get Longer and Warmer(internal link to another session in the article). Indeed, on the Vernal Equinox (First day of the spring), the daylight is equal(12hours) to Darkness, then as the Spring goes, the day get longer and longer.

Finally, “SPRING” is the season in which the nature comes back to life. Many animals have babies, some like bears who hibernate, start to wake up and become activate. Flowers start to bloom but it’s also raining.Photo by Hrvoje Abraham Milićević from Pexels

For us human-beings, Spring means changes of habit, especially dressing code. But which one to adopt?

Well lot of things are to be considered when choosing your new Spring-Summer style:



Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 3

In general, the average temperature in spring according to your location may vary from 24.7 °F (-4.1 °C) in Alaska to a high of 69.9 degrees Fahrenheit (21.1 degrees Celsius) in Florida according to Current Result.

In Europe, the average temperature is from 41°F (5°C)(sometimes lower) to 68°F (20°C) according to your location.

While it’s really difficult to determine what the average temperature is going to be, we all agree that Spring is hotter than Winter but colder than Summer.

Therefore, you will want to dress to feel comfortable whenever the temperature suddenly drop.

Our advice for you:  Buying clothes, think in terms of flexibility, resize-able clothes like Long-sleeves shirt (you can always turn them into a short-sleeve shirt but the opposite is not doable). Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 4

You definitely don’t want to go Sleeveless, Hawaiian shirt or tank top yet, cause even if the Sun shine bright, the wind is still cold and the last thing you want is to catch a cold.

Keep your trousers and jeans still.

As the overall temperature raises, you might want to consider a lighter, more comfortable and breathable type of fabrics clothing.


Fabric Type

Fabric is really important. Let me repeat myself, for Spring and Summer, what you want is a light but most importantly breathable type of In that category, my top recommendation for you are:

Linen: Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 5Original in touch with fiber twice stronger than cotton fibers, Linen has a good thermal retention, feels really comfortable and has a good durability.

Linen is a good choice for both Spring and Summer as it comes in different texture: thick and thin. Its capacity to dries very fast make it a good choice for Spring as it often shower rains during Spring. Breathable fabric, its real only con is its tendency to wrinkle.

But nowadays some linens are tightly woven enough to stay reasonably crisp.

If you will opt for more Linen clothes, consider to use more Dry Clean than machine wash. If you cannot afford dry cleaning, no panic, machine clean is also very OK.


Cotton: Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 6Natural and comfortable to wear, cotton is the unavoidable must-have material when buying clothes.

Cotton get 20% stronger when it gets wet and is slower to dry compare to Linen but is easier to wash. Before buying cotton based clothes, makes sure you have an iron because it wrinkles easily.

Nevertheless, that cotton can withstand heat, detergent and bleach, just like Linen it can be damaged by mildew and prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Also, keep in mind that cotton will shrink unless it has been treated not to, so check the labels et ask for more information in the shop before buying.

Rayon: Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 7Much more absorbent than cotton, Rayon are man-made fabric, soft to the skin, breathable & comfortable to wear but that’s not all.

We highly recommend Rayon based clothe for both Spring and Summer because of his ability to be highly Absorbent but they do not insulate body heat.

While a special treatment can be applied to the fabric to make it washable and limit shrinkage to a fairly 3%, rayon must be treated with care. Indeed, you want to avoid moisture, stretching(Rayon has the lowest elastic recovery of any fiber).

We recommend Dry-cleaning only for rayon unless it’s a HWM Rayon, always ask for more information in the shop before you buy. Viscose type rayon is the best you want to go for.

Silk: Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 8Stronger than Cotton and Linen, Silk is a protein Fiber known for being elastic and resilient with moderate resistance to wrinkling. Its absorptive capacity makes comfortable apparel for both hot and cold seasons plus it dries quickly.

A bit expansive, Silk fabric are subject like most fabric to normal shrinkage, all you need to restore it back to its initial size is an iron. Silk fabric has a smooth surface and thanks to that, it does not attract dirt. Talking about dirt, the best way to remove them from your Silk clothes is by dry-cleaning.

If not, feel free to use the Washing Machine BUT on the gentle cycle and with cold water using a Mesh bag. You can also hand-wash Though silk. Here is for you a video tutorial about how to hand-wash silk.


The Color

Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 9Here it’s all about what you like. Remember, Onexpressions is all about finding a way to express your true self, therefore we are here to help you not to tell you what to do.

Here what you generally need to know about color:

Dark Color: Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 10Due to the fact that Dark color absorb a lot more energy, absorb as well a lot more Heat. Indeed, the closest a color get to black, higher is the amount of light absorbed. The absorbed light is then transformed into thermal energy then the heat you feel.

Light Color: Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 11Color such as Yellow, pink or Orange has the property to reflect back a high degree of Light, this is why they are called Bright. And because they reflect most of the incoming light(the energy), only a small amount is absorbed and transform in thermal energy, and this is why you feel less hot.

With that said, if you are a trendy person, we have done some Research for you. And the 2019 spring summer on-trend color (the most popular) are :

Lavender: Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 12


Mint/ Pistachio:Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 13


Yellow: Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 14


Beige: Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 15


Our Best Advice For Spring-Summer Fashion For BEGINNERS:

1. Do Not wear more than 3 colors, 2 is OK and safe, 1 color is also safe(mostly for black and white) but for the light type of color.

2. Avoid Dark on Dark or Light on Light shade of color especially if you are light Skinned.

3. Until you feel comfortable, the best advice is Light on dark shade of color.

4. Prioritize neural color bottom such as black, white, beige and Jean

5. Match your belt with your shoes.

6. Match your socks with your trousers as they are an extension of your pants (the socks must be same color or darker than your pants, not brighter).


I like to think that no one should tell you what colors to wear, you are the one wearing your clothes and so the very first person to satisfy is YOU.

For more idea on how to combine colors, check out the so amazing website Color Palettes .

Also, the bellow video will give you some idea about color combination.



The Day By Day Forecast

In both Spring and summer, one important thing to keep in mind is that the weather is really capricious.

At a moment it’s sunny, at the next moment it shower-rains or it gets cloudy and colder.

Our advice to you is to check the next day’s forecast before choosing your clothes.

A bad Weather is a good reason to make use of accessories(Umbrellas, waterproof spray for shoes) and jacket, waterproof Jacket.

Umbrellas, if you like looking good and original, umbrellas are your best weapon. Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 16

Not only it makes you look good, it shoes also how confident and ready you are. An umbrella is not only a gadget, it’s an extension of you, it tells a lot about your personality. If you’ve ever been in a shop for umbrella, then you know what I’m talking about.

Find your umbrella: Best For Car User  Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 17Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 18


Best For Pedestrian   Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 19Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 20


If there is one this that surprises me the most nowadays, is how advanced is the technology in almost everything but how late and retro people still are.

Some old tricks such as using water and vinegar to clean the salt on your shoes during winter still and will always work. But let’s be smarter and prevent instead of curing.

There is a lot of waterproof spray to protect your high value shoes, some work better than others.

It might be overwhelming to buy a water repilant spray for the first time. Or maybe you have been disappointed by the first one you bought.

In both cases, I will recommend that you check This One from KIWI out. I have been satisfied with them so far.

Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 21Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 22

Still talking about rain, you might want to consider getting yourself a light waterproof jacket if you are not the umbrella type of person.

Indeed, not holding an umbrella does not necessarily mean lack of confidence. Personally I like to have my hands free, but also because I‘m easy to forget or lose such gadget especially when I’m out for a party.

So according to the circumstances I prefer a Waterproof jacket to an umbrella.

Check few of them out, YOU will be surprised how good they look. Check out this Amazing Website With WaterProof Jacket’s Reviews.




Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 23

While everybody may look the same through their style, what distinguish them from one another are the small details such as glasses, earrings, bracelets, watches, in one word GADGETS.

Spring and Summer being a worm not to say hot period, we just cannot help dress light and when possible top and bottomless. And that when gadgets are the most important, they almost replace clothes. A man or a woman wearing a gadget always looks more interesting IN MY OPINION.

Gadget are like silent story teller, usually associated with gift or travels, and more generally with something valuable.

Want your silent story teller, is your way to go.



You Are The Masterpiece Of Your Style

Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 24

First let me thank you for reading this post, I hope it helps you in somehow.

One and the most important thing choosing a style is YOU.

Here at, we don’t tell you what to do, we give you advices that can help you express yourself loud and clear.

Fashion is a matter of habit and daring but also information. Check this books for more Fashion Advice:

For Men:                       Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 25Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 26


For Woman:            Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 27Best Advice For 2019 Spring Summer Fashion 28

When buying clothes, my best advice for you is to try as many as you can and ask for advice and information about the clothes in the shop. Ask for your friends and partner opinion, their point of view might help more than you think.

Finally, keep in mind that your clothes will not give you more Value than you give to yourself.

You are the Masterpiece of your style.



Because Together Is Stronger

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