Are Your Daily Tought Yours?

He – How old are you?

She – Don’t you know it’s impolite to ask women age?

He – Can I have you email address?

She –

What a common social scenario. Nowadays it’s almost automatic to receive this answer from most women just as automatic as they will claim that age is just a number.

Hence, my question, Are Your Daily Thought Yours ?


Define Me

Are Your Daily Tought Yours? 1THOUGHT according to Oxford Dictionary is an IDEA or OPINION produced by thinking, or occurring suddenly in the mind.

Very simple yet complete definition and you will understand why in a while. I come across another definition that will help you apprehend more.

That definition is from and it says THOUGHT is the process of using your mind to consider something. It can also be the product of that process: an idea or just the thing you’re thinking about.


Out Of Box Definition – I Own It

Remember the title of this article, Own Your Daily Thought. This is what we are going to do or at least try to and this is why I’m going to tell you what can also be a Thought according to me.

If you ask an 80 years old man and women their Opinion about marriage, the answer you will get will be without a doubt different from the answer you will get from a 25 years old person. Not because the fundamental meaning of getting married has changed but because the VALUE we attached to it has diminished.

That said, a thought in my humble opinion is also the reflection of the reality (fake or not) of a given society in a given moment on its citizens.


Your Beard Says It All About Who You Are – Is That Daily Thought Yours

Are Your Daily Tought Yours? 2

Before you continue and read more, I want you to be sure that you are the most Open-minded and frank to yourself. If you are ready, let’s continue.

Now tell me frankly how many times have you questioned someone’s moral integrity based on his skin color or the way he or she is dressed?

How many times have you stopped yourself from doing something like eating with your hands, by fear to be judged by someone who, has not heard from his parents since few months (read the question twice to get the contrast)?

How many of us think that being civilized is to eat with forks, wear shoes and show your mom the middle finger when she is talking to you while being savage is to walk bare foot, eat with your hand and say “thank you mom for your advice”?

How many times have you wore orange or yellow or purple as Color of The Summer?

How many times have you chosen a specific restaurant upon another one for the simple reason that it was higher ranked, forgetting that it’s about taste and taste is really subjective?

How many times have you labeled someone as Muslim, tough or mature because of his beard?

I remember few years ago, coming back from work I was taking the same train with my former team leader. And one day we started talking about Religion and she stated that “all Muslim are bad”.

Then I asked her do you have Muslim Friends? How many Muslims have you frequented and for how long? She could not give me any clear answer and at some point she ended the conversation using her social or rather professional position saying: “Don’t argue with me about that.”

Few weeks later I gave up the job because my VALUE as human being does not allow me to work under such a person.

Nowadays just to fit in, we accept things we don’t understand or don’t agree with.

Are Your Daily Tought Yours? 3Where is the Freedom of Thought and Expression if you cannot express yourself freely, as long as you respect other people opinion, by fear not to fit in the social gap of value.

Back to when I was studying in Italy, my girlfriend at the time and I, an evening were talking about sexual orientation when she asked me if I would accept my children to be gay (hot topic)? Make sure to read twice the following:

My answer was loud and clear “NO.

Then I continued, I will not accept that any of my kids become gay because it’s not my culture and from my personal point of view I don’t understand it so I cannot accept it.

But it’s because I don’t understand and I cannot know how it feels that I will respect it. Therefore, I will never turn my back on my kids for their Sexual Orientation (which is just one aspect of their personality, indeed a person is more than just his sexual orientation) but they will have to respect that I don’t accept it.

The Awakening

I never truly was a media person. At least that is how I thought until I came across a video similar to this:

Have you ever wonder why Jurors are directed not to, speak to anyone from media, read newspapers or watch news during severe cases? Matter of fact, Juror Dr. Theodora Dallas has been jailed for researching a defendant’s past on the internet and sharing the information with fellow jury members.

This information alone was enough to wake me up.

Indeed, after reading about Dr. Theodora Dallas case and how jurors are directed to avoid contact with each and every single source of information constituting the so called Media, I felt like waking up from a coma and the message that has wakened me up was actually coming from the government and it says :”we who rule you, know the influence of Media on one’s opinion, this is why we don’t allow Jurors to be in contact with Media during “severe cases””.

This remind of my friend Italian wife who came back from Togo, and was so amazed not to have seen illness and chaos everywhere.

And when I asked her but why is that so amazing, she replied saying “that’s the only aspect we are shown on TV about Africa.”Are Your Daily Tought Yours? 4

Now have you spotted anything wrong or manipulative in her answer apart from Only Aspect?

Well, she said About “Africa“, not a particular country in Africa butAfrica“. Same goes about America or Europe. Same goes about almost everything.

We don’t think and see the individuals in front of us anymore, instead we look for the sign or anything that can help to categorize people according to what Media have set as standard for a given group.


Free Yourself – Own Your Daily Thought


If it’s good for you to know how media operate, it is even healthier to just stay away from It.Are Your Daily Tought Yours? 5

Here are 10 tips that works for me:

1. Delete every single app about news from your phone

2. Avoid magazine and feeds about lifestyle – Most of them focused of who you wish to be lifestyle while what you need is to focus on who you are right now and upgrade from there.

3. Keep only relevant app for your business and your self-improvement

4. Write down all the moment you are the most likely to check your phone or computer for News and set an alarm to remind you to read a book instead.

5. Don’t let the time you used to spend searching through internet for news empty, fill them with activity such as gym or meditation.

6. Find communities online that teach self-improvement, learn from them. They will surely mention something important I haven’t.

7. Avoid Political and religious topics as much as you can, instead try to enlarge your horizon on what you may even consider a stupid topic like “the importance of key in our life”. You will be surprised how much you can learn or already know about it.

8. Share your thought loudly and learn to accept to be judged as you won’t fit anymore in the social game.

9. Set a one-week goal and Praise yourself at completion. As example set as goal that you are not going to check your phone more than twice for any irrelevant news to your business or self development this week. And if you succeed, buy yourself a cinema ticket.

10. Don’t fight against news but ignore them. To fight something you need to interact with that thing, means that thing has an importance for you. Instead, just ignore it. The most you will ignore it the less it will show.

As you probably already know it, books are full of LIFE CHANGING SECRET METHOD. But you maybe are not the reading type. If that is the case, then this here is a GIFT for YOU

Are Your Daily Tought Yours? 6Are Your Daily Tought Yours? 7

Why Should I Own My Thoughts

My answer to this question is simple: because you are not a social item. Because your kids, your younger brother, your wife, your husband will be looking at you as a model.

The good thing about being yourself and owning your daily thought, is that you are never going to have a changing speech according to society but according to your REALITY and VALUE.

Your words will express your Reality, leaving people with two simple choices: take it or leave it. At least you will be left only with people who Truly loves You the Way You Are.

If you still have doubt about how to live your life then consider offering this BOOK by Jordan Peterson to yourself:

Are Your Daily Tought Yours? 8Are Your Daily Tought Yours? 9

Is There Any Bad Side

No, there is no bad side owning your thoughts, however there is a sad side which is that you will lose some friends. The ones that do not like the truth.

You will be left aside because you are now Thinking differently, going to the gym, reading books and not accepting any given idea that does not align with your VALUES.

Well since you will have less time to spend being hypocrite and more time Being Yourself, Take it as an opportunity to learn CURSING. If you don’t know where from, well let me help you. I can hear myself devil laughing.

Check this Lovely Crazy Book Out HERE:

Are Your Daily Tought Yours? 10Are Your Daily Tought Yours? 11

What would you reply to someone calling you Ugly?

I’m not a mirror.


Thank You All

Are Your Daily Tought Yours? 12Writing this article, I have tried to avoid as much as I can searching on internet. The reason why is that studying sociology I have noticed that we were making researches base on answer we have come up with and then asking people to choose between A, B, C or D.

They were choosing what sounded better for them. But then when I personally asked them the same question in a way that is open, not asking them to choose, 95 percent of them have different answer, few of them were taking the choice they have previously made and add a BUT to it that sometimes led to totally the opposite of their choice.

Based on that experience, I have learned to be careful with the so-called studies.

It is possible to think with your own head? I remember the very first sentence my professor of philosophy told us : He said Philosophy is the only one material where the student is led to think with his own head instead of using other’s one.

Then he looked at me and say Philosophy is LIFE.

And because it’s easy to wish to change oneself but difficult to stay motivated and make the change happens, my next article will be about How To Stay Motivated.

Until the next one, I will really appreciate to know what you think about this article and my method to avoid media influence. If you have suggestion or idea, please share and let together build a better world.


Thank You, For Your Time



Because Together Is Stronger


2 Replies to “Are Your Daily Tought Yours?”

  1. Turgay Alaoglu says:

    Hey dear,
    I would like thank you for your awesome post regarding different type of subject talking about the truth while unfortunately mostly of the people doesn’t want to listening nor think about it.

    Keep continue to write.

    Turgay. A.

    1. BIOVA says:

      Thank you Turgay. People are afraid to be judged for having a sincere opinion different from the media’s one as if having a different opinion is being a bad person or disrespectful. Many things such as religion, faith, politic, culture, education, age, sex, life experience (name it)…, influence our opinion. And this is why I believe for example that being offended because a man cannot understand a woman being too emotional when she has her menstruation, is being highly hypocrite or ignorant of oneself sex appartenance as a man or a woman. Matter of fact a man has never had a menstruation and therefor will never know or feel how a woman feels in those particular period. If that is not a difference then we need to redefine the word difference itself as a refusal to see the difference.


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