Hi to every single one and welcome to my ExPression website. No matter what is your age, your social background or your sex, if you end up landing on this page, it is probably because you are struggling with expressing yourself.

Life itself is nothing but Expression of Energy, feelings, changes and it is not always easy to express who we Really are, as matter of fact we still have to discover ourselves, me included. And the truth is that we will never know enough about ourselves. LIFE is a journey.

And this Website is an invitation. An invitation to take the train of life together, with all our differences, benefiting from others strength and learning from each other to become a better version of ourselves.



My name is NAKOU AMEDOME KOSSI BIOVA (my parents and uncles couldn’t agree on one name so they gave them all to me), therefore feel free to call me BIOVA.

Back in 1988 in Togo where I was born, it was forbidden to give a foreign name to new born, only traditional name were allowed, therefor parents were given to their newborns all the traditional names they wished they had.

I have since the young age traveled and therefor grew up here and there but all in Africa, through tough and happy times but all always with a smile. Under 20 degree, not having a chewing gum, keep your mouth shut for long to open it suddenly, was considered an act of terrorism against your brothers, therefor we had no other choice if not to laugh at anything and nothing.

After my maturity in Letter and Philosophy, I moved to Italy to study International Relation and one day coming back from shopping, I took the wrong bus and end up in Poland. No need to tell you it was a hot trip.

Life has given me a lot and I went through a lot but not enough, and this is why I have decided to start a new journey with the world, sharing my mood, my thoughts, my positive energy with anyone willing to receive.



As many as we are, each of us has something he does better than anyone on earth, not because he is the only one having that gift but because that gift is branded with his unique personality.

What I believe is that life has given us that precious gift so that we can serve the humanity in our way within our respective field. And only by doing so we can feel fulfilled. They will never be enough Motivator or eyes openers in the world.

Indeed, only few people believe in humanity and only few of those believers have the courage to express it and help others. But where I come from, Life is about giving back twice as much as you have received from Life and I know no other way to be.

I know the World will be a better place if each of us contribute by bringing a piece of light in his fellow human being life, so this is my contribution. And if I don’t take action no one will because everyone is waiting and looking at the other one to start.

So here you go.



Because together makes it Easier, because together is Stronger, because together is Richer and because together is our differences turned into strength, my aim with this website is to create a space where we can gather and succeed together.

I want to make this website a place you can call home. A house you can get into at anytime to find inspiration, strength and solution to something you are being through. A place where you will be accepted the way you are.

A world where your personality can be freely and fully ExPressed.


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